“My teenage daughter and I have been learning Dressage with Anne-Katrin for past two years and we have gone from eager beginners to intermediate riders. We started out doing Private Lessons to now Semi Private.  My daughter has built inner confidence in her abilities and I have proven as an older beginner that you are never too old to learn. With every lesson we are always learning new techniques and improving our riding skills and style. Anne-Katrin’s enthusiastic and caring personality makes each lesson entertaining as well as respectful of each of our riding capabilities. Her sound knowledge, teaching style and care for her horses keeps us coming back for more.”  Sonia and Madison Saulle 

“I am a mature aged rider who has had classical dressage lessons with Anne-Katrin for several years. I started as a ‘bush rider’ of many years. Now I am so proud & thrilled with my dressage development achieved through Anne-Katrin’s professional, highly skilled competent coaching. She is empathetic, intuitive, patient, caring (& fun) with adaptive high level coaching knowledge & techniques in classical dressage. I now execute correct posture & aids with lightness. It is exhilarating, thrilling to feel the lovely Salukah in self-carriage , energy from behind into a light hand contact & executing correct and forward movements. My development is greatly enhanced by riding a classical well trained horse. I never thought I could achieve classical dressage movements but with Anne-Katrin’s highly skilled coaching & classically trained horses I am thrilled to have achieved so much.” Catherine Riley

We are blessed in Arcadia to have Anne-Katrin and her riding school in our neighbourhood. I am a “mature” lady rider. [Actually, I am an “old” lady now. I have owned many horses over the years. Some fairly green, others with more dressage training. After two losses to Cushings, as well as my advanced age, I decided horse ownership was no longer practical. Then I saw Anne-Katrin’s sign. With her beautiful horses and her excellent teaching and training skills I have progressed through areas of expertise that I never envisioned for myself. And any achievement is thanks to Anne-Katrin AND her miracle Sterntaler. It is fabulous to ride a horse so well trained, so competent, a horse she knows so well so she sees clearly what the rider is not doing correctly. All her horses are beautifully trained and cover the full range of rider preferences in terms of temperament and skill levels. I am having so much fun. I thoroughly recommend classical dressage training with Anne-Katrin and her wonderful team of beautiful German Riding Ponies for ALL mature lady riders!” Louise Sonnino

My daughters, 7 and 5 years old, started riding lessons this year and we could not be happier at International Boutique Riding School. 
Anne-Katrin is wonderful with both girls, so kind and caring and patient! They both love the horses they ride, who are ever so gentle, and it’s wonderful watching their confidence grow. 
My youngest daughter has Down Syndrome, and attends Shine Bright Equine Human Services for Equine assisted Therapy. Although she loves horses she is not safe around them at all. Anne-Katrin and Sterntaler have been the perfect duo to guide her manners around horses and help build her strength, coordination and confidence, as well as her emotional regulation. All of which will be important for her independence in the future. 
Coming to Shine Bright Equine Human Services is the highlight of my girl’s week!
Monica Whittingham