German Riding Pony stallion VITO DIMA (imp)

The imported premium licensed German Riding Pony stallion VITO DIMA will be available for the 2022-23 breeding season via fresh, chilled and frozen semen. If you wish to breed your mare or you wish to purchase a foal in utero to one of our mares and to order a breeding agreement contact the office.

Broodmares and foals

German Riding Pony colt

Sire:Vito Dima (imp)
Dam: Salukah
Born November 2019
Height: expected 14.2 hh
Colour: Buckskin
Registered WCPSOA, Westphalian Studbook, ACE studbook and ASHA 

Born in October 2012
Height: 14.2 hh
Colour: champagne buckskin
Registered WPCSOA, AHSA

German Riding Pony filly

Sire: VITO DIMA (imp)
Dam: Simeon Salaeh
born October 2015
Colour: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
Registered with Westphalian Studbooks, ACE Studbooks, AHSA.

Born in November 2009
Height: 14.1 hh
Colour: Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
Registered with Westphalian Studbooks and AHSA

Born in November 2016
Colour: caramel buckskin
Registered WPCSOA

The German Riding Pony Breed

The German Riding Pony (Deutsches Reitpony) is the smaller version of a competitive athletic german warmblood maintaining the type and character of a pony, that is able to perform successfully in the dressage arena, the show jumping course and the cross-country course. The German Riding Ponies are ridden by children, adolescents and smaller adults. In Germany a very active pony competition scene in the disciplines dressage, showjumping and eventing has developed. Competitions for German Riding Ponies are held in all disciplines at regional, national and international level. Pony competitions or tournaments are popular in continental Europe and German Riding Ponies are shown by riders up to sixteen years of age. Major pony tournaments include the German Youth Championships, the European Championships and the Preis der Besten. Presently the height limit for pony competitions is 149 cm including shoes. Smaller adults compete German Riding Ponies successfully in open competition classes against horses. Very popular as an equestrian sport partner for smaller adults are the overheight German Riding Ponies from 150 cm to 155 cm. Under experienced and talented riders the German Riding Pony competes with great success up to advanced level, for example the overheight German Riding Pony Stallion FS Pearcy Pearson who placed fifth in Grand-Prix Dressage.

In the sixties the breeding associations and pony breeders wanted to create a larger pony breed that would be suitable for children to compete at national and international competitions in all disciplines. In 1965 the breeding of the German Riding Pony began and first attempts to cross thouroughbred to fjord or arabian to haflinger did not lead to the desired results. The breed started off when the german pony breeders imported british ponies like the welsh ponies from England. They began to cross the british pony, particularly welsh ponies, to arabians, anglo-arabians and thouroughbreds. By 1975 a German Riding Pony type was developed. The type includes a small head, large and lively eyes with small ears, a clean throat latch, a long, well-set neck, pronounced withers and long croup. The movement should be correct, rhythmic, spacious and elastic with distinct impulsion from the hindquarters. The systematic selection of the breed over the first twenty years has led to a pony that is athletic, elegant, intelligent and well-dispositioned.

To further improve the breed the breeding associations developed a system of performance testing for German Riding Pony stallions and mares, like the Stallion Licensing. Young quality German Riding Pony stallions are presented at a two day Stallion Licensing of a stud book association of each state like Rheinland or Westfalen. Stallions that are approved to be licensed are then entered into a stallion stud book. Only the best stallions at each Stallion Licensing get awarded a premium title. Quality German Riding Pony mares are tested for and entered into a stud book or main stud book and through a mare performance testing quality mares can achieve a premium title (St.Pr.St., Verb.Pr.St. or Verb.El.St.).

In Germany the best young German Riding Ponies and German Riding Horses from all states compete anually at the German Federal Championships (Bundeschampionate). The German Riding Ponies and horses aged three to six compete in dressage, showjumping and eventing. The three and four year old German Riding Pony competition classes are broken into stallion and mare plus gelding classes and the riders are not allowed to weight more than sixty-two kilogramms including the competition dress. In Germany the most successful German Riding Ponies are bred and trained in the states Rheinland, Westfalen and Weser-Ems.


breed: German Riding Pony (Deutsches Reitpony)
country of origin: Germany
history of breed: Bred particularly welsh ponies to arabians, anglo-arabians and thouroughbreds, partially warmbloods
height: 138 cm til 148cm, presently 151 cm allowed at international pony competitions
colours: all
head: small and elegant head, large and lively eyes, small ears
neck: a clean throat latch; a long, well-set neck
body: more than other pony breeds very similar to that of a German warm-blood (long, well-set-neck, pronounced wither and long croup)
foundation: correct; hard and medium-sized hoofs
movement: correct, rhythmic, spacious and elastic with distinct impulsion from the hindquarters
uses: Riding and Competition Pony for children, adolescents and smaller adults, elegant carriage-driving pony
distinguishing characteristics: willing to perform, courageous, good temperament