International Boutique Riding School provides a wide range of equestrian services and experiences to a diverse range of clients. From horse riding experiences, beginners lessons, classical horsejuniorship programs and professional coaching for advanced riders, International Boutique Riding School caters to riders of ALL ages, abilities and needs.

All riders are instructed in classical horsejuniorship skills that provide a foundation of respect and love for horses which is at the heart of excellence in any equestrian sport focusing on your safety, the well-being of our beautiful horses and ponies, and of course, fun. Anne-Katrin coaches her students methodically and systematically, utilizing the knowledge and practical experience of the German Riding and Training System. This system has been proven for many generations and continues to be improved to produce the most knowledgeable, professional and successful horse people and riders in the world.

At International Boutique Riding School students have the unique opportunity to improve their skills by progressing through the Classical German equestrian school levels of handling and riding. Anne-Katrin wholeheartedly believes it is important all students understand horse behaviour, communication and develop a balanced, independent and supple seat. Students who can ride from the center of their body and have progressed to use fine-tuned coordinated aids are able to experience a harmonic dialog and feel safe and content when riding. Learning how to ride and handle a horse systematically develops physical skills and teaches the student to trust themselves. Anne-Katrin has given students the chance to participate in competitions and demonstrate their abilities. The Competition Team has participated at local competitions with great success.

Classical horse handling and riding

  • Riders all ages from beginner to advanced
  • Private, semi-private and small group riding lessons
  • Classical dressage and show jumping lessons
  • Classical horsejuniorship program for any horse enthusiast 9-16 years of age
  • Education and Competition program

New Rider Application Forms

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